Hi, I’m Allison (and that's Penny). I love making jewelry because it allows me to get creative with colors, metals, techniques, patterns, and stones. It’s also a very meditative art form for me where I can let my mind wander and simultaneously be focusing all my attention on a very detailed task. I'm a born and raised Alaskan, and because of that, I have a lot of Alaskan influence in my work - in design and durability. Many of the patterns and colors I use come straight from nature and my jewelry is made to handle a life lived outdoors.

I feel strongly about the environmental issues surrounding mineral mining and make every effort to ensure that my stones are ethically sourced and, whenever possible, the metals I use are recycled. I am also careful to make sure a fair wage is paid for the work that goes in to mining and shaping the stones I use in my pieces. I have spent years forming relationships with lapidaries, stone dealers, and mining families who I trust and whose values mirror my own.