Jewelry Care

Caring for Seed Bead Jewelry

All seed beads are glass. They are strong, and unlikely to break if dropped, but can be broken if something heavy is dropped on them. Avoid submerging your jewelry in pools or spas. Chlorine and other chemicals can cause the beads to change color and weaken the thread.

If your beaded jewelry is tossed in a backpack or pocket and gets kinked, just move your fingers gently down the fringe using a rolling motion to straighten them back out.


Care for Stone and Turquoise Jewelry

Cosmetics, extended exposure to direct sunlight, and natural skin oils may change the color of untreated turquoise and other natural stones over time. Avoid wearing jewelry in pools and spas as chemicals can also change the color and structure of natural stones and cause metals to tarnish.

Clean stones and metals with a soft cloth to avoid residue buildup. Turquoise is a soft stone and turquoise jewelry should be stored on its own to avoid getting scratched by harder stones. Jewelry cleaning solutions aren't recommended.


Care for Copper and Silver Jewelry

Many chemicals as well as naturally occuring minerals can tarnish metals. For longevity and shine, regularly wipe jewelry with a clean, soft cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a treated jewelry polishing cloth. Submerging pieces in cleaners or vigorous scrubbing can remove intentional patina.